Distilled Hype — by Kahlil Lechelt

DESCRIPTIVE 8: If You Want to Keep Making Money off of It, You Have To Make it Easy to Work On with Jamison Dance →

Jamison Dance talks to Kahlil about working at iTV and Kualico, ReactJS and ImmutableJS and about how this whole JavaScript Jabber thing started.

DESCRIPTIVE 7: I Don't Know, Why Don't You Write A BitTorrent Client? with Mathias Buus →

Kahlil talks to Mathias Buus about working with Node early on, application structure, LevelDB, distributed infrastructure and his JSConf.eu talk on streaming anything with BitTorrent and Node.

DESCRIPTIVE 6: Everyone Who Has Root Also Does On Call with Ole Michaelis →

Kahlil talks to Ole about his history in programming, working at Jimdo, speaking at conferences and making slidr.io.

DESCRIPTIVE 5: We Should Make This its Own Thing with Gregor Martynus →

Kahlil talks to Gregor Martynus about how he got started in programming, the Africa Hack Trip & Hoodie.

DESCRIPTIVE 4: I Want to Keep it Simple, I Want to Keep it Focused with Bastian Allgeier →

Kahlil talks to Bastian Allgeier about how he got into programming and design, why and how he built Zootool and Kirby, the release of Kirby 2 and keeping it simple.