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There are a bunch of very useful keyboard shortcuts that you can use on the command line. I looked them up a couple of times and found them particularly hard to remember so I made a thing that spits them out in your terminal: display-shortcuts.


You want to remove the word before the cursor? Type + W.

You want to jump to the beginning of the line your are currently typing on? Type + A.

You want to clear everything after the cursor? Type + K.

Pretty cool, huh? I was also surprised to find that you can search through your previously used commands with + R!

If you want to use it, just go ahead and install it with npm install --global display-shortcuts and then just type in display-shortcuts to get the list of shortcuts displayed to you.

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Tools By Sindre

During the re-setup of my mid-2009 Mac due to an SSD upgrade and OS reinstall, I found myself going back to Sindre Sorhus’ Github account for a few things.

First of all I love his pure prompt for zsh.

2015-05-21 at 11.41 PM.png

It is just the right amount of simple and so far the most tasteful prompt I have seen.

Then I had to get all the Quicklook plugins he put together and last but not least the tremendous little Node package that goes by the name of trash!

I love trash. It allows you to move any file or directory to trash by just typing trash somethingtotrash. It totally takes care of rm -rf *-anxiety. You should install it. Free yourself!

Thanks for all the works, Sindre!

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Descriptive 17: What’s Going On With Angular? with Pascal Precht

In the latest episode of Descriptive Henning and I are asking Pascal Precht all kinds of things about Angular 2, where is it heading? What are annotations? What is he doing with Thoughtram and many other things.

We had tons of fun doing this episode and we think it definitely is a good one; you should check it out!

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Focusing Descriptive

After a little bit of thinking, some internal discussions and a discussion in our Slack Chat we realized that we currently have two different episode formats in Descriptive.

One format deals with the origin stories of programmers and the other is more like a news panel about JavaScript frameworks.

In order to focus the purpose of the podcast and in order to double down on what makes Descriptive different from other tech podcast we will be focusing only on the programmer origin stories format.

In fact, that is the new subtitle for Descriptive: “Programmer origin stories.”

When I started Descriptive I was very much searching for what the show is actually going to be, I think that has been figured out now and it feels really good.

I hope you will have a listen if you haven’t yet!

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Descriptive 16: You Can Argue About Services with Rachel Myers

Ole Michaelis, who is a former Descriptive guest and one of the organisers of the SoCoded Conference in Hamburg, contacted me a few weeks ago to ask me if I could support his SoCoded Conf with my podcast Descriptive. He suggested Rachel Myers, who is going to be a speaker on this year’s SoCoded, as a guest for an episode.

After checking out her blog and some of the projects she is involved with, I thought she would be an interesting guest for the show and was happy to ask her to come on.

She was gracious enough to accept the invitation and the Descriptive episode with her just went up yesterday.

Rachel had an interesting entry into programming since she didn’t go to school for it at all. She has a masters degree in philosophy but shortly after that got interested in programming Ruby through a friend.

The work that she and the others at RailsBridge are doing is fascinating and...

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Descriptive 15: The Angular 2 Rendering Architecture Document

Henning and I decided to take a look at the Angular 2 Rendering Architecture document that was flowing around on Twitter recently. In this episode we talk about what we saw in the document as well as what we think it could mean for the JavaScript community.

Looking at the document you can definitely see the cross-pollination between the three big frameworks in action and there might be hints of stronger collaborations in there as well.

In the end we briefly touch on the TypeScript announcement that the Angular team made recently and Henning finishes up the episode with 3 cool picks,

If you are interested in more Angular content on Descriptive you should definitely look out for the episode we scheduled with Pascal Precht at the end of the month. Pascal runs Thoughtram a company that offers in-depth courses on Git and Angular and he is the creator of the popular angular-translate...

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Distilled Hype is Now on Svbtle

Self-hosting a blog is quite tedious. I found myself constantly fiddling with the design and constantly being annoyed with it so I moved to Svbtle.

Aesthetically I really like Svbtle and I really like the writing experience as well. I feel like I can just switch off my brain when it comes to my personal blog now.

I can just write and be confident that it will look just fine. I can move on to the next thing. It gives me the freedom to concentrate my attention on writing itself or other projects that I deem way more important.

We’ll see how I like it here in a few months. But one thing I think I definitely know for sure: I will not be self-designing or self-hosting my personal blog anymore.

Of course now all the URLs of my self-hosted site are broken…

I have no idea how to fix this. For now I am happy to have a blog that doesn’t trigger my design-fiddle-compulsion anymore.

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Descriptive 14: Discussing the EmberConf 2015 Opening Keynote

This is the first episode of Descriptive in a new format.

As announced in episode 13 Henning Glatter-Götz joined as a co-host and this is the first episode we are doing together in which we discuss a topic of your choosing.

This time we talked about the EmberConf 2015 Opening Keynote. We are both very impressed with the moves the Ember team is making in and around Ember, so yeah there was a lot of gushing.

I really hope you will enjoy these kind of episodes as well. Let us know on Twitter and if you like what we do, we would be thrilled if you could leave a review on iTunes.

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